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Lee Hayward – Mobile Phone and Computer Repair Technician

I am a qualified computer technician with over 26 years of experience. Computers have been a major theme throughout my life along with electronics and robotics. My fascination began when I was just ten years old with computers such as the Commodore, BBC Micro, Apple and Amstrad.  I was interested in how they worked which lead to me to experiment with computer code.  I eventually started to troubleshoot, maintain and upgrade computers during my teenage years.  My skills also enabled me to fix computers for friends and family members.  

During my late twenties I decided to offer my knowledge and computer services to the public by starting a computer business (I.T Solutions Essex).  My business operates from my home workshop based in Brentwood, which enables me to keep overhead costs to a minimum.  This is why my rates are slightly lower than my competitors.  Although I have much knowledge and experience as a computer technician, I believe my best trait is my ability to to explain computer issues to customers in such a way that they can easily understand without the technical jargon.  I provide a wide range of computer services including repairs to Desktops, Laptops and Mobile Phones.  As my business is relatively new, I work full time. Therefore my business is only open after my day job hours (see contact for more details).